Greetings everyone!

I’m Peters Janae. While the idea of school brings nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ things are not the same anymore. With increasing competition and types of courses offered, the average student balances school with one of the kinds of supplementary coaching classes.

Additionally, children, these days are not limited to their school curriculum anymore. Students follow their heart to sign up for courses they’re interested in before waiting for their formal education to catch up to that subject.

This thought came into my mind recently when I tried to start a coding class. Luckily, I came across this amazing platform, LearnDash and I realized how easy creating courses online is!

LearnDash helps incorporate online teaching in educational courses. Traveling huge distances while navigating traffic can drain a student’s time and energy drastically. This becomes increasingly hard when students try to juggle multiple institutions together. To tackle this, they help you move your courses online.

LearnDash provides services to educational centers to help them set up online portals to impart education conveniently.

They bring to you an immersive learning experience where courses can be created comprehensively while maintaining structure.

This way, students can go through the course level by level. Moreover, the student can proceed with the course at his/her own pace and therefore maximize the learning experience.

They provide a seamless experience to the education center so they can focus all their energy and resources on teaching. They also provide complete flexibility in the pricing model fixed by the teaching professionals.

All payment gateways are provided so the students can easily finish their payment in their preferred payment mode.

Creating a course has never been easier. All you need to do is record the teaching sessions and add appropriate assignments and quizzes around it. Say bye to archaic teaching methods that restrict class sizes and decrease the number of students a teacher can have in his/her class.

With this tool, I can very easily enroll a huge number of students into my class while at the same time each student experiences the whole teaching session individually.

This makes the teaching experience a beautiful one without the hassles of renting or buying property.

I had the simplest and easiest online experience where I didn’t need to worry about domain names, user interface, payment gateways, and other technical details. All of this, and more, was given to me under one umbrella- LearnDash.

I will be reviewing other LMS platforms shortly like Docebo and TalentLMS.

So keep an eye out on my website!