LearnDash Review 2021: Is It Worth WordPress Plugin?

Ease of Setup


  • Highly Flexible
  • Overpowered courses
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Terrific Tracking
  • Good learning experiences.
  • Automatic Up-Gradation


  • Setup Takes Time
  • Some Features Should Be Extended

LearnDash is an impressive LMS plugin in WordPress, it provides every feature as mentioned above and fulfills all the needs from adding your course to your website or building up your whole educational mini college.

Price:$ 159

LearnDash is one of the leading WordPress LMS plugins. Want to know more about it in detail? Here I’m going to make you understand how it works for the people who want to sell online courses. So, embark on this tour with LearnDash Review

This is the best self-hosted platform for selling and managing online courses.

 It has many features which can help you in achieving your requirements. It helps you create complex courses that consist of thousands of lessons with topics and subtopics. You can upload videos, quizzes, assignments, course forums, and much more.

You can manage your courses with detailed reports. You can create multiple groups with special users assigned to manage each group. You can send notifications in the form of email or text messages.

Now, who uses this platform the most? They are major educational institutions and instructors and websites like Byju’s, Learnflix, and many other universities. 

Bottom Line Upfront: LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) which mostly used by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses much like LearnPress. LearnDash has many features like Quizzes, Certificates and much more. Now the ultimate choice is up to you, try LearnDash yourself.

Hence, It is the best and easiest WordPress LMS to set up your course and it is the most feasible in terms of price and value in the market. It also has an active Facebook community group where you can get any kind of help. So, guys if you are willing to create a platform where you can sell, manage, and organize your courses, LearnDash is the best option you would get.

LearnDash will always be the best in terms of services and ideas it has to offer. They have been quite creative with the content it offers like the resourceful and productive quizzes, assignment, and some discussions and interactions on the desired topics.

The Introduction will let you summarise the content we are going to cover in the entire article helping you to focus on the required objectives. It has been a game-changer in the spheres and domains of the eLearning community.

Let the users gain the maximum knowledge base needed to know every bit of the advantage it offers. Let us view the following article with additional benefits and characteristics. 

Overview: LearnDash Review

LearnDash is always on the top list in the Learning Management System since it’s release in the WordPress community. It is the leading WordPress plugin in the market. It lets you create self-hosted courses in which you’ve full control of and it’s the go-to course creation plugin for all the educational institutions and independent course creators.

Its features are so good and desirable that you’ll never face any kind of problem while creating your course. Many platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, Alison courses, and many other independent instructors rely upon LearnDash as it’s one of the best of its kind. Its main purpose is to convert any kind of WordPress site into LMS. In this E-learning industry, technology has become so advanced that anyone can create their own courses and distribute them in the market. And LearnDash is one such platform you can really rely upon.


Let us reflect and have a quick recapitulation of the contents we have discussed in short and let us ourselves dive in this wonderful flow of magic offering innumerable advantages and features worth the recognition. LearnDash always does and always will continue to surprise its users with exceptional customer support, self-hosting, ease of use, splendid customization, on, and much more.

Let us dig deep and realize the hard work the developers do to establish the newly meant courses ending up and providing you the valuable lessons and courses. Let us unveil even more in the following article

Little Sneak peek into the snippets

LearnDash WordPress LMS offers extremely excellent and flexible learning opportunities well equipped with productive and desirable courses. It has formed to be the most trusted WordPress plugins. LearnDash is made equally splendid and intriguing with numerous quizzes and courses teaching you valuable lessons based courses.

Offers numerous widgets, assignments, questions along with essays. Many institutions like universities opt for LearnDash platforms as it has the most terrific services and indeed the learning experiences we gain are much more beyond resourceful and qualitative attributes.

Desirable LMS feature on LearnDash 

Proclamation and notification:

In LearnDash, the proclamation or reporting is one of the updated features, the visitors of this website have a look at the contents of courses and tick the finished items, the details and information on the users WordPress profiles have been recorded by LearnDash. The increasing progression reports and quiz implementation of the audience can be visualized instantly on their particular profiles, else their details can be transported.

LearnDash-Proclamation and notification

In addition to it, the reporting statistics can be viewed by these tools 

  • User data
  • ProPanel
  • SCORM and xAPI

This feature allows their users to go deep into the courses and their details, select to show their progress, or can look into any specific audience’s progress in a few seconds. This feature also helps you to notify through email your users about their activities. 

Support to the learners:

When it comes to vending an online platform into a business you must keep in mind about the tools you use for this learning platform. These tools are very important as they can help your users when needed and can keep your business up-to-date with the provided support. The three basic characteristics you must know are pre-sales texting management, support tickets. Talent and knowledge base. There are some options that LearnDash follows to give online support to its learners.

  • Availability of online classes in free time with some basic tools like skype, hangouts, etc. 
  • Give honest feedback with more solutions than fewer problems.
  • Give fast replies to your users through emails and keep them updated.
  • Clear random doubts and questions, be active and helpful whenever possible. 
  • Communication is the key to success, try to communicate with your users as much as possible.
  • Weekly tests and assignments with proper correction. 

ROI calculator:

Most organizations make decisions by keeping in mind their bottom lines. Suppose this is making huge money and also the money is saved then the business can be contemplated as good for their company or business. Online learning is an excellent way which can give a positive result at the bottom line of any organization, and more than you think there are so many choices available as online learning techniques. LearnDash has these choices available in their field. 

  • Personality development.
  • Marketing and sales
  • Human resources
  • Management of organization
  • Accounts
  • Customer support

There’s also one such free ROI eLearning calculator available which you can use without paying any amount as well. 

Partnership tools:

Collaboration is one such effective technique by LearnDash which can bring all the learners together in a situation like a group project. The problem arises here that all the learners couldn’t set the same timing for the collaboration and they won’t even meet in person. Luckily, the new online learning technology has made their work possible, and found out a very cheap and budget-friendly solution too.

LearnDash-Partnership Tools

Some tools which they offer has a great extinct and these tools are

  • Group chats:

The work has to be done correctly with equal distribution which has to be communicated through group chats, the applications can be in order, and fewer issues with the topics. 

  • Slack:

Slack is also one of the platforms where the teammates after signing in can use their topics distribution with topics that allows you to export and import files if needed.  

  • WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one such alternative to slack, it is a very convenient and easy to use application and it has its own international benefits. WhatsApp permits its users to make a group and add as many participants as they can, also it can share files if required. 

  • Google drive:

Google Drive can be the most suitable way to share their documents and their features. This app has an excellent feature as if it’s a group, the doc can be shared and from anywhere they can have access to it. All the team members can write at a time and share their files, this is the best way to collaborate with your teammates. 

  • Video conferencing:

Sometimes, texting can be a mess too. You need to have a chat with your teammates face to face but how can it be possible? So, video conferencing can be the best way to have live decision-making skills. Screen sharing and having a PowerPoint presentation is even possible which can make it easier to communicate. 

  • Google hangouts:

Google hangout is easy and very simple to use, as per its names suggested it is combined with google and their apps like Gmail. If your teammate doesn’t have an account in Google, in a few minutes they can make an account that can be used lifetime.

  • Skype:

Skype is the most familiar application used worldwide. It can be used in mobile phones, tablets, and desktop as well. It’s also a type of video conferencing alternative which is used to communicate with people.

Reviews of the courses

The reviews of courses are one such feature LearnDash provides through which people can trust in its quality of education or courses, expert, and the learning process of their online courses. The ranking and reviews of the users make any business website proof of their value and quality they provide, they can have a direct trust on the courses and grab new audiences as well without having a second thought.

A positive review can help the website to grow. These reviews will be by the past students and the current student those who have experienced these courses on their own. Feedback must be given about the experts and the course which can build a good connection between the student and the teacher. 

In LearnDash, the add-ons id created to give you a helping hand that will construct a whole review system for your owning websites. One more access you have is that you have control over the reviews and ratings so that your students give you genuine ratings which can last long on your website. 

Social media 

Starting an online course can be difficult but using all the platforms available around you can give you faster growth which can help you to grab more audiences and social media is one such platform where you can find many new learners searching for the courses. So why lose the opportunity? 

LearnDash-Social Media

Some of the social media used by LearnDash are listed below 

  • Facebook 

Facebook is one such platform used worldwide by every age group, the learner must have an account in this social media platform and Facebook is a perfect start for online courses. You just have to follow two steps. First, creating a page of course as public and as you are an admin you can have access to your own page even the learners can stay in touch with the content of the courses. Second, create a group of the course and it can be public or private groups, the private groups have good settings like only they can be invited to the group if they are the member of your course.

  • YouTube

Many learners search for their courses via video for getting more information about the content of the course and for getting detailed plans and information on various websites. Youtube is one such platform where you can open your channel to connect with your learners so that you can grab the audiences by subscribing to your channel. You can post videos on the courses. 

  • Instagram 

On Instagram, you can post your course details or a brief description of your courses. The learners or educators merely can like a comment on your post and also can be in touch with your content courses even if they are the past or current students. Instagram is the most convenient way to advertise your course, share images and pictures in a minute using hashtags which can reach many people and help you to gain the audiences for your website. 

Management and Authoring of course

LearnDash allows their users to create their courses as per their wish and according to their courses or role the excellent templates are available by this website for building up the courses, all the designs and styles are provided which can help to create quiz and assignments to look attractive or simple as per your choice and how you like to design it. Designing the classes online is simpler which is followed by the instructor. 

LearnDash-Management and Authoring of course

The management of LearnDash works well, it encourages and motivates their audience by offering tracking leads, achievements, and badges for their works which can be useful for their further steps and bring more interest in courses. It also ingresses the limit of the users in particular functions and courses. After the completion of the user’s course, the websites promote you with a valid certification. Also, offers you the training techniques for combining with industries such as organizing, law, enforcement, government rules, medicals, and many more. 

Content and their courses

LearnDash provides the Strong offering of spreading the choices for communication for an internal and external collaborator. As mentioned above, the tools which can make your collaboration as a team for teaching you leadership and teamwork is the strongest point of their website. There are unlimited badges, certificates, and point-scoring available for the learners to make their courses more interesting and good. The website permits its audience to contrivance its branding and companies all around the platform. The library which is pre-constructed is available for the users too. Grading options are provided for assignments and quizzes externally, and also permits for video conferencing activity. 

Key features of LearnDash 

  1. LearnDash offers multilingual options for learning.
  2. Allows their users to sell their courses online and also gets the repayment automatically. 
  3. Learners can learn their courses 24/7 hours at their convenient hours.
  4. The content of the courses is arranged specifically which must be taken in a particular order. 
  5. Subscription courses are available monthly or yearly which give access to the user to sell or manage their course.
  6. The dashboard feature makes it easy to communicate the learner and user with each other.
  7. The statistics of student’s performance are viewed and reported in the dashboard according to their usage. 
  8. Content making and design are offered by LearnDash to build learning session materials for expert-led and self-led courses.
  9. LearnDash provides support for offline access to the user’s courses and contents. 
  10. Availability of Anti-virus, Anti-spam, IP Blocker, particular domains registration is restricted, and strong password accessibility. 
  11. Flexible requirements and essential courses, quizzes, and assignments available.

Benefits of LearnDash 

Mobility and flexible 

The learners can be of any age limit in the online education system. Unlike traditional in-person classes, LearnDash provides your online classroom whenever and wherever you are at your convenient time, you can take your lessons if you are taking a break from your work or at your free time at the end of the day.

Available at affordable price

Comparing the cost price or yearly fees of traditional classes and online classes, you will find that online classes are affordable than in-person classes. This is only because online classes don’t have overhead with infrastructure and benches and chairs in classrooms so the price is lesser and cheaper than traditional classes.

Availability of varieties in online classes

In traditional classes, it takes lots of effort to grab the learners but in the case of online classes there is no such restriction of place and time and people find it easy to use and learn when they have no effort to go to places for gaining knowledge.


The quizzes and assignments with some interesting activities make it more innovative and helpful for the learners to gain knowledge except the bookish ways usually in-person classes use to educate their students. Also, it increases technical knowledge which can also be helpful in the future. 

Growth in business

According to studies, many learners and users have turned their sights to online courses for increasing the growth in their business and also to gain knowledge with ease of practicing at home. Many jobs usually have requirements like resume, certificates, and achievements to look after the jobs and many colleges don’t really provide these. So, in this hectic schedule what can be done? You can complete the online classes without any disturbance to your daily schedule. It will help the users to gain some more learners by certificates of their course completion and can help themselves to grow their business without any restrictions.

Saves you time and allow consistency 

The registration or sign-in process is connected through email, so it’s time-saving for the learners, no need to go for a long procedure to reach your desired courses. Just save your time by signing in and enjoy the further course. Consistency is the main thing to be followed in online classes, the learners must get their lessons without any connectivity or listening problem. 

Alternatives of LearnDash [Yaer]: LearnDash Review

We all know that LearnDash is not the most suitable platform which can help us in many ways but we need some alternatives in case of a backup option.

Here are some of the alternatives mentioned which can help you in your unique online learning business.

Flora LMS:

Flora LMS is one of the best examples of simple and functional performance and this simplicity makes it an excellent alternative to LearnDash. You have full access to the management process of the training sessions and your learners and their progress too. You can build your website in a simple one or two steps, just update your content of the course and make your storefront in a few minutes and that’s it. No long procedure is needed. You can easily upload MP3 audios, videos, and any format files to your courses.


Do you worry about your technical skills for starting your online sessions? Thinkify makes it easy because it doesn’t require any type of high professional technical skills for initiating your online business.


You just have to look after the content of your courses and sell the rest of the functions like security, website hosting, updates will be handled by this platform. Isn’t it an excellent feature which can save your time and lessen your workload. This is why Thinkify makes itself an alternative to LearnDash. You can upload MP4 videos, audios, html5, and PDF formats to this platform.


Have you ever tried the cloud-based platforms as an online classes business? Teachable is one such cloud-based platform and an alternative to LearnDash because of its shoulder-to-shoulder competition with other platforms and its features.


Just like Thinkify, Teachable also focuses more on making money and making Content of your given course, and the other security, update, and other features are automatically handled by this platform without giving you any disturbance. You can simply upload the standard content to your websites like MP4, MOV, AVI videos, PNG images, pdfs available.


Podia is a recently launched platform in the online session business. It permits their use to find the solution to prospective technical problems to build up their course content.


It permits their users to utilize any type of standard content like videos, audios, E-Books, PDFs, and many more. Podia has one such unique feature known as “Unlimited facilities”. Podia is also one of the excellent alternatives of LearnDash and it does not cost extra for your number of courses.


Kajabi is itself a unique platform because of their techniques of business, It permits its users to increase their business as a digital product and also as an online course. 


Kajabi permits its users to create your online products with full functionality and personalize and showcase your organization’s business. Kajabi supports all kinds of videos, audios, JPEG, PNG, and GIF images and also all kinds of document files such as PDF, google DOCs, TXT, PowerPoint presentation standardizes files.

How to start with LearnDash?

  1. The process involved in the operation of LearnDash is as follows –
  •  Firstly, we need to install the LearnDash as associated with the WordPress LMS.
  • Secondly, we need to move on to plugins and click on add new. Finally clicking on the upload plugin.
  • Search and hunt and finally select the important so-called .ZIP file immediately download as soon as you are done with the purchase.
  • Click on the following button which says install now.
  • And yet, any user can end up with the necessary and desired activation as needed and required.

How to activate the license

  • Now the point is the activation of license, navigate to the option of LearnDash LMS followed by clicking on the overview 
  • Secondly, in the following LearnDash boot camp as offered, insert your email details and the required license key.
  • Then, finally, save the license 
  • After you are done saving the license make sure you receive a verification exclaiming that the message is validated.

Important websites using LearnDash 

The important websites which use LearnDash are as follows-

  • LearnDash academy- It is particularly an incompetent and a demo website equipped with excellent WordPress themes and specifically for the LearnDash. We can easily experiment and enjoy the features it has to offer.
  • Johns Hopkins university – It is an extremely well known and highly popular research institute, takes the help of LearnDash to include the valuable and resourceful content for their institute project.
  • Bionic turtle- It is well organized and managed to help the users to ace the financial risk manager (FRM) by taking the source videos, tutorials, quizzes from respective e-learning platforms which is the LearnDash.
  • Pro blogger courses- It is an ancient yet the most well-known blog meant for bloggers. Courses offered by them are named the two most important ones to help the users stimulate a better creation of their blogs. As introduced by one and only LearnDash.
  • Michael Hyatt a source of massive help, letting rye individuals become aspiring and better leaders of tomorrow. Michael has been helping people with a variety of courses and he himself opted for LearnDash as a source of major help.

6 reasons why LearnDash is extremely legitimate 

  • LearnDash is extremely well known and customer friendly, the content system of management has been uniquely exquisite. Helping non-technicians or developers to establish their content by providing them with an adequate toolkit.
  • As LearnDash is self-hosted, we exercise greater control over our own content handling and dealing with our own website with much ease. LearnDash enables you to make the best possible decisions for your website. whenever an operator thinks that their website has been suffering from slow performance. LearnDash helps them by offering the required options to boost their performance as well as growth.
  • It has been blessed with wonderful features of customization, one with good enough technical know-how and the development skills has the utility to design a WordPress plugin or a theme, one who masters this skill can very easily customize or introduce modifications In their respective themes which are meant to be incorporated under the courses they want to build.
  • We can access the truckloads of themes, plugins, offering a more library-oriented approach with multiple features. These features make the functioning extremely easy and efficient, all the developers are at utmost ease when they can Create the tools they themselves require, making their work time-saving.
  • LearnDash offers the most qualitative support, offering the customers with the best help as possible. An excellent support team is all that you need to guide you through the difficult paths.
  • LearnDash has been quite flexible and is even able to adjust itself with any of the desired themes, some platforms restrict themselves to only so-called ‘themes ‘ but LearnDash is a winner in this sense having worked with endless themes. In total, it has been quite compatible with each and every version it is offered with.

Pros and Cons: LearnDash Review


LearnDash has proved to be an extraordinary WordPress plugin, which has been blessed with a score of 4.5 on a scale of 5. Customers have exclaimed it to be spectacular and a more exquisite WordPress learning program offering innumerable services on a silver platter with utmost ease and efficiency.

  • LearnDash has overpowered every other e-learning platforms and programs, by serving the customers with extremely productive services like offering a good support team, extremely easy to operate customization, providing resourceful tutorials, equipped with strategic tips and tricks, provides intriguing details and information about some reflective articles, we can easily unveil more of its desired features on LearnDash’s knowledge platform.
  • LearnDash has been accredited with a terrific performance, where it has turned remarkable for its fast speed and high yielding advantageous qualities. It has been a game-changer, in every sphere of its functionality. It has given the users the fruitful information they hunt on other platforms, eventually fulfilling their needs of required answers.
  • The information they present and portray turns highly engaging and beneficial, thereby enhancing their growth. LearnDash always provides operators with good learning experiences. We can very easily avail of the unlimited services by opting for a good plan as presented by LearnDash itself. It even offers a storehouse of knowledge and information-rich in respective online courses.
  • LearnDash is brimmed with automatic up-gradation in respective features and it is a wonderful learning platform with countless abilities and qualities, it deserves much more appreciation and applause for the kind of WordPress plugin it is.
  • It is one of the exclusive modern learning experiences with focus mode on. It is very easy to build up a course here. It is self-hosted and offers the most resourceful and productive attributes your way.
  • Customer support has been extremely spectacular, offering the utmost ease in its functionality.
  • LearnDash is highly flexible, well organized, designed, and supported making your work look extremely informative.


  • Customers desire and wish that there would have been a much better reporting feature, they want LearnDash to introduce better customizations. The setup required in LearnDash is extremely painstaking and demands integrations with some of the applications, some features should be included by default.
  • LearnDash is unable to send and stimulate the transfer of notifications and alerts based on the courses it does not include the characteristic of proper and better group sorting. One cannot operate a LearnDash without having to learn the technical know-how. Customers want LearnDash to include in-depth analysis and insights.
  • Customers proclaimed that some features do not have sufficient options as required. It is even slightly slower and less efficient. Features are a little bit limited.

Pricing Plans: LearnDash Review


LearnDash incorporates the pricing plan and structure which are as follows- 

    Pro package

  • Firstly, it includes a pro package, which earlier Cost $369. But now it charges about $329.
  • Features it includes within this plan- it contains innumerable and countless courses, alerts, and email notifications, automated updates, and assurance of the support of nearly 1 year, it has certificates and offers badges, course forums, etc.
  • Avail of this plan to enjoy the maximum plus benefits of the plan. It even has introduced special offers and discounts. The bonus is offered along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Plus package

  • The second plan includes the plus package, which had the pricing of $229 but after the discount offered it has turned to be $189.
  • Features included with this plan are- it gives you a 10sites license, offers countless courses, provides you content course protection, has certificates and email alerts notifications, and drip-feed lessons.
  •  Assuring 30-Day money-back guarantee and other bonuses and discounts.

Basic plan

  • The third plan is a basic plan with the normal pricing of about $199 but after the deals and offers to give you a special discount, pricing becomes $159.
  •  Features it includes are – offering license for 1 site, free integrations, includes advanced quizzing, certificates, and badges along with course forums, followed by serving you with innumerable users.
  • Offering bonuses and Discounts with limited deals. Yet, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learndash Customer Review

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Learndash Customer Review

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FAQs On LearnDash Review:

👉What is LearnDash and is it free to use this platform?

LearnDash is an LMS plugin of WordPress that provides its users online course installation. This is one such platform trusted by many entrepreneurs, companies, training classes, colleges, in the world for vending and building up online classes. It provides you so many updated features that are no doubt very useful for every learner and user. There are lessons provided and a time limit of every session of courses with assignments and quizzes. At the end of the course, every learner will be promoted through certificates of the learned course. No, LearnDash is not free to use, it has subscription plans for monthly and yearly for various websites licenses. Prices are worth and affordable and a premium subscription plan is also available as a part of the subscription plan. The pricing details are mentioned above in this article.

🤙 Does the LearnDash platform run on shared hosts and are we required to be an expert in WordPress?

In case, you are providing two or three courses and don’t want huge traffic on your website, LearnDash would run absolutely good and better with high-quality subscription plans but in case you need a huge amount of learners with huge learning websites you need to get a shared hosting. LearnDash is an excellent platform for the users if you know the basic knowledge about WordPress like adding a fresh page or posts, building a website, and some basic things, if you have used the page builders such as Divi and Elementor you would easily use this platform. Despite this, this platform comes with superb documentation and detailed features you can use on your own without any difficulties.


LearnDash experts often add the courses to their websites, but sometimes they need to add some more topics and content as per their courses. Sometime, this may give problems to the courses where the progress is calculated overall. Recently, the recalculation of courses is done. The best way to add your course is that you can simply add your new module and launch new courses of every edition and through this, the progress of beginner learners can be intact. So a better way is to keep your current course details up-to-date with the proper progress of each lesson before adding any new course to your website. No, LearnDash does not have the facility to save the data. LearnDash doesn’t misuse your data and that’s why it doesn’t store your data for neglecting the insecurities and also, the platform does not host your content and you can have your own access to your websites.

Conclusion: LearnDash Review 2021

So finally, We are here at the end of the discussion about this amazing platform LearnDash.

In this overall article you might be thinking should you buy LearnDash and trust this platform or not. We have given you the whole details of this platform and believe that this information might help you further in taking the right decision. 

LearnDash is an impressive LMS plugin in WordPress, it provides every feature mentioned above and fulfills all the needs from adding your course to your website or building up your whole educational mini college. It is the best LMS plugin you will see in trending, this platform allows you to add videos, images for learning, interaction with your learners or experts, collaboration with your teammates, quizzes, and assignments with grading and badge system makes it more interesting and fun. 

The main feature this platform provides you is that it gives you control over your courses and other functions. You can also use the social media reference to spread the details about your course and can build up your own courses at a reasonable price. In this whole article, you might have come across the pricing details and the customer support they provide you and you can trust this platform for your growing business too. 

At last, I would just say, it’s a robust platform for both the users and the learners at a reasonable price, and offers us superb features which are definitely worth purchasing. 

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